Sunday, August 14, 2005

Camping Trip

Here's the new tent, and Carol sitting outside it. I really liked the new tent. It was relatively easy to put up, spacious and easy to use.

Rich and rachel at the beach.

Benjamin and I chillin' on the tailgate.

Hiking in the Olympic Rain Forest.

Cooking with fire.

Azalea at the campsite.

Rick, Rachel, Benjamin, Carol,, me, Azalea, and Riley in front of the worls largest Sitka Spruce.

Picking Balckberries in the back yard.

Friday, August 05, 2005


As of 2:30 I am off on vacation for a week! My attitude improves by the minute.

Carol's son Rick, his wife Rachel, and their three kids arrive tonight from Ogden. They are going to be here for two weeks. The first week we are going camping at Twin Harbors State Park outside of Westport Washington. It is a very nice park, and we are located on the Dune side. The grandkids have never seen the ocean, so it will be cool to play in the surf. I also intend to teach them how to fly a two string acrobatic kite. Burned marshmellows, hot dogs dropped in the campfire, coffee with insect parts, smole and sand everywhere. Tall tales by the campfire light. Insect bites and sunburn.

I can't wait. No computers no internet no television. I will be taking a cell phone, but I'm hoping we don't have service unless we need it.

Pictures and camping tales to follow!