Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be careful what you ask for

Because you just might get it.
We had planned to make a trip over to Idaho for Thanksgiving, and in anticipation of the trip, I went out and paid big bucks for a set of Blizzak snow and ice tire. I have red the evaluation sites, and they almost universally gave them an excellent rating. Right up there with studded tires. I don't like studded tires because of the damage they do to the roads, so these seemed to be the best alternative.
Then we had to cancel our trip because I got a staph infection in my toe. So I was secretly wishing it would snow so I could see how they did in the snow.. Sunday it snowed, just enough so I could go out and test how good the car did with the new tires on. It did great.
On Monday the snow melted, which I was grateful for since I had to take Mrs. A to a medical appointment downtown, and downtown Seattle is no fun in the snow.
So Monday night it snowed again. Enough that Mrs A stayed home and I took the HHR with the snow tires to work. I was glad I did because the streets had a lot of compact snow still on the roads. The car did great.
I guess I must have been secretly wondering how the tires would do on ice, because overnight last night it turned to freezing rain. The car and streets and everything were covered in a sheath of ice this morning. Snow and frozen slush underneath covered in ice on top.
I am happy to say that the new tires perform admirably on ice. There was on spot where I turned the corner and could see that the next block was a solid sheet of compact snow covered in ice. It was very pretty to look at, but not so much if you intended to drive on it. For a little while there, the front end of the car and the back end couldn't agree which direction was optimal, but it did well enough that I was never out of control.
There was very little traffic out on the road this morning. Lots of empty parking spaces in the lot at work.
But enough already. I am no longer wishing for snow or ice or an combination thereof.
Yesterday was a combination of snow and sleet that I like to call (Snow+sleet=)snot.. I have had my quota for this winter. I can now start becoming Spring!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year

It is sometimes good just to take a deep breath, step back, set yourself, and start over.
That's where I am right now. After a couple of years of frustration with my job, I decided to make a change.
This is one of the things I love about working here. There are so many opportunities. If you don't like the path you are on or the job you have, there are lots of opportunities to take a different path. I have done a lot of different things in my career here. And when I find myself frustrated or bored, I just go in a different direction.
I probably would have advanced a lot farther if I had stuck with one path, but that just isn't me. When I have learned most of what there is to know about a particular job, I get the urge to move on.
Since I am rated very high on my technical knowledge, I really don't have a problem finding a new job where I provide value to the organization, and at the same time am learning some new aspect of the business. I really doubt that there are many here who have a broader experience base than me.
So now I am learning a bunch of new stuff, looking at things from a slightly different perspective, back on day shift, out in a shop support role and loving it. I suppose right now it's like having a new girlfriend. I'm loving every minute of it, we're both on our best behavior. I know that some day I will discover all of the not so nice parts oh the job, but for now everything is great.
And besides, I am working four tens with Mondays off, and only work every third weekend.