Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just One Picture

This was the north terminus of our hike at Klaloch. I had to climb up a cliff face a little way to get the right perspective, so I am ballanced on a little ledge holding on with my right hand, taking pictures with my left and Mrs A is having a fit.
We had to turn around because the tide was coming in and there is no way out at high tide.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gone, gone, gone

Ten years ago on Valentine's day I proposed to the lovely Mrs A. We were at the Lake Quinault Lodge. There is a whole other story that takes place before that, but i will set that aside for now.
I made reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
We stayed in the Boathouse, because they allow pets there
As long as you understand that it is the Lake Quinault RAIN Forrest and prepare yourself, it is great. There is no television or phone in the rooms. There is no cell phone service. There are no casinos, there is no night life. Just a rustic lodge out in the woods.
The lodge has an excellent dining room, The Roosevelt Room, named for the President that stayed there and helped create the Olympic National Park.
Beginning right in front of the Lodge and looping up into the forest behind the Lodger are an excellent series of Trails. The full loop is around six miles, with lots of  little offshoots Lots of peace and quiet.
We pulled in a little after 5:00 on Friday, and the only opening for dinner was at 5:30 so we hurried to get checked in and back for dinner. We had the Cedar Plank Salmon for Two, but no meal there is complete without the Marionberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream. So we ignored the idea of restraint and went all the way. I had been anticipating the cobbler for weeks.
Saturday we went on the loop trail, with a couple of side trips, so I figure we hiked between six and seven miles (uphill both ways, of course). It rained, is hailed, it misted, and once we even saw the sun. As you hiked you could just feel the quiet seep into your bones and the tension bleed out. When we were the farthest away from the lodge we came across a warning sign notifying us that cougars has been sighted in the are. I suppose it wasn't the kindest thing to ask Mrs A if by taking the dogs along we were "Trolling for cougars". Well, I thought it was funny.
Sunday we drove out to the Ocean at Klalloch and walked the beach for a couple of hours. I got some nice pictures, which I may get around to posting here. Stopped in Amanda Park for lunch (Cheeseburgers and fries), than back to the Lodger for naps.
Monday we had decided to take a little side trip to Westport rather than go straight home. We had lunch at the Blue Buoy. If you are ever in the area and it is no the menu, get the Dungeness Crab Omelet. All I can say is "Incredible".
One of the reasons, besides lunch for the trip was to stop at the Westport Winery. I can never drive past that place without stopping, and we were down to one bottle of their wine. So I joined there Wine Club (20% discount) and still managed to spend $168.00. Oh well, I can console myself with the fact that for every bottle they sell, they contribute some to a local charitable cause. So....it was all for charity, right?
One last stop at Bay City Sausage. The smell of the place when you walk in is incredible, all that smoked meat. The reason for stopping is to get their Cranberry Smoked Sausage. Last time we were there I decided to try a little, and it was incredible. It barely made it home.so this time I bought five pounds. And ate about a pound of it when we got home.
Got home tired, sore, broke and totally relaxed.
Where to next?