Monday, June 29, 2015

Home in the Woods

It has all been worth the effort and confusion and stress.
I wake up in the morning to the sounds of the birds and maybe the wind in the trees. No sirens, no cars with booming stereos. No noisy neighbors. No police. No jets.
The property is 3 1/2 acres of mostly cedar, good size trees. Pretty heavy undergrowth. All slightly uphill from the road. We are about 100 yards from the end of the pavement, and the end of the county road.
All my adult life I have worked for exactly this. No alarm clock, no timetables
Not that I have nothing to do.
First of all, there is the task of digging out from under the mountain of stuff. The house is a little smaller than the other house. 1720 sq ft vs 1760 sq ft. but on the other hand it has a two car garage and shop, so I figure it is a wash. That doesn't mean everything moves straight across. The floor plans are completely different, so things need to move around.
As of right now the sports cars are parked in the driveway because the garage is full of stuff. A lot of it just has to be organized and stowed away before I can make room for the Z and the Jensen.
It will take a couple of weeks to get organized so I can start to work on the cars. I think the easiest thing to do will be to tear the front end of the engine apart and redo the timing.
Once that is done the I can start tearing the Jensen apart. I had it stripped down to bare metal and painted a couple of years ago. Unfortunately the gut that painted it did not have a water trap on the line of his compressor, so tiny drops of water were deposited under the paint, which are now showing as rust heads. I need to strip the whole thing down to bare metal and start over.
I think I will tear it all the way down and do a nut and bolt restoration as long as I am at it.
Then there is the whole thing with three and a half acres to work on.
All in my own time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ten Days Out

Closing on our house is June 22nd.
Closing on the new house in Sequim is June 22nd.
The movers will be here on June 22nd
The car transport people will be here on June 22nd
Then there's all the other stuff. Have the electricity turned off, get the water shut off. Ger the cable TV and computer line.  shut down, Go to the Post Office and put in a change of address. Garbage service.
I don't want to be a growed up any more.