Saturday, July 23, 2011

Westy in the shop

Not for anything that HAS to be done, but for some upgrades and improvements.
First of all, because we want to use it year round, I am having a propane heater installed.
The fridge was about worn out, so I am having a different one installed (used).
Since the tent portion of the pop top has a couple of holes and tears, I am having that redone. New rear bumper (no I did not run into anything, it was that way when I bought it).
New windshield.
Some wiring improvements.
The defrost fan switch is missing, so I am having that installed.
Nothing as pricey as the motor conversion, but I will still be into it for a couple of grand.
Then all there is left is to get it painted and a couple of dents pounded out.
Well, there is the idea of making it four wheel drive..........

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Camping Outing

The camping trip in the Westy was a complete success, which means it did not pour rain on us. It did rain during the night one time, but none of it made its way inside with us. To have a three day camping trip on the coast of Washington in June and not get rained on is a statistical anomaly.
The kids loaded up the back of the truck with firewood, so er had a campfire going all three days all day long. We did all out cooking over the campfire, even though I had filled up the propane tanks in the Westphalia. I guess there is something about camping that demands wood ash in your bacon and eggs.
The sleeping are downstairs is adequate for two if they are friendly, and the upstairs is reasonable comfortable if they are not. It is a lot nicer in that regard than the Airstream was. Lots of clearance for sitting up and getting in and out. The upstairs sleeping area under the pop top could use a little more padding, but is good enough.
The west got about 18 miles to the gallon with the Subaru engine in it. I probably could have done better if I kept my foot out of the accelerator. After all, pushing a big box down the road at 75 mph pushes a lot of air.