Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring My ASS

A couple of mild sunny days to suck you in, then back to more of the same excecpt maybe worse. The couple of decent days we had just got you to believe that winter might be ending, but the forecast for the next two weeks is soggy at best. Every day has some sort of precipitation involved. You know how they say that the eskimos have two hundred different ways to describe snow? Lattelanders have a whole lot of different ways to describe precipitation, depending on the frequency, rate, individual drop size. I think they have used most of them over the next two weeks. I WANT SUN!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring at last

The weather turned halfway decent today, and here it is only the second day of Spring. I have been needing it bad for the last week or so.
A bunch of the early flowering trees and shrubs are beginning to bloom, The early plum and cherry blooming fairly well, the forsithia sowing it's histerical yellow blooms.
I actually got out and worked on a car for a little bit today. The truck needed a new headlight, but I have been waiting for time when I wasn't tired and the weather was nice. Today was that day.
It had clouded over by the time I had to go to work (2:00) so I didn't mind going in too much. Tomorrow, however is another matter. My bad sholder tells me the barometric pressure is changing quickly, and since it has been way low, that can only mean that tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. Either that or a tornado.
But I'm betting on nice.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Here are a couple of pictures of the new flooring in the music room. The pictures didn't turn out that great because I couldn't get the lighting right, but you get the idea, Still have to find baseboards and trim strips.
And work both days this weekend.

Friday, March 18, 2011

New flooring

I just today finished installing a new bamboo floor in the music room. I'm not sure what it will do to the acoustics, but it sure looks (and smells) a lot better than the old raggedy, pet stained carpet that used to be in there.
It is ginger bamboo, which is a couple of shades darker than just regular, and it matches beautifully with the moss green walls and white ceiling.
I still need to buy and install moldings and a trim strip to transition between the dining room and the music room, but that will have to come a little later, as my poor ancient arthritic body is already complaining loudly about all the bending and sawing and such.
If I can remember, I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them.
As a reward I get to work both days this weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help Youself

I was partly raised on a rural farm. You learned to do without and do yourself. Being trained as a combat medic, I received a smattering of medical training, so I have performed a couple of small surgeries on myself. Just removing warts and cysts and stuff like that.
When the temporary metal cap on one of my implants fell out, I saw no need to run to the dentist to have him screw it back in. After it is only a funny shaped screw going into a funny shaped socket.
But I do draw the line at other Dental repairs. Unlike the guy they were discussing in the Dentist's office the other day. He had a three tooth bridge. Which came loose. He had broken the underlying tooth.
So he put it back in with superglue. And left it.
The first time it lasted for six months.
The next time it lasted for six weeks.
The last time it lasted for six days.
When he finally gave up and went to the dentist, it was in pretty bad condition. It seems superglue ATTRACTS decay bacteria, so his tooth was merrily rotting away underneath his super glued repair.
By the time he got to the dentist, the tooth was rotted away to below the gum line.
When they mentioned super gluing a three tooth bridge in I thought "Yeah, that would work. I could see myself doing that."
As a temporary measure.
Until I could get to the dentist.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today is a Good Day

That has become my Mantra lately.
Because it's true.
No one is trying to kill me, wound me, maim me, or harm me.
I have the ability to satisfy all of my basic needs without worrying about how I am going to accomplish it.
I have a good job that adequately compensates me for what I do, and has benefits.
No one is trying to suppress me or deny me my basic human rights. I am not a slave, a serf a peasant or an untouchable.
I am free to come and go as I please within reason.
I have a wife whom I love, and loves me in return.
I own my own home and several cars.
In the whole History of mankind it has been a real recent phenomenon that a person such as myself could live a life free of want.
So: It is a Good Day

Saturday, March 05, 2011

One Day Weekends

I pretty much work six days a week, some times seven. This was going to be a seven day week, but they asked me to give up one day so another guy could have a day of overtime. I know this particular guy is putting his son through College, so I gave up Saturday. Mainly because Sunday is double time.
I will need the money because I am finally getting the caps done where I had the implants put in a year ago. The first thing I am going to do is go buy a big bag of beef jerky. Not for a couple of weeks though, because Monday will just be to take impressions. Then the lab has to create the caps. I am getting impatient to have a full compliment of teeth. This process is pretty expensive, Hence the overtime. Some day I will be able to blow any overtime money on entertainment, but for now it is buying down debt towards retirement.
Also this week will be a visit to the Optometrist. I cannot see properly out of my left eye. I think this is partly because they prescription is wrong, partly because they didn't sync the lenses properly. I already went to the Optical dispenser to have them check that they cut the lens per the prescription and they say it is dead on. I know the astigmatism factor is wrong, because lights become "V" shaped in the distance. A single point of light, like a streetlight looks like a "V" laying on its side.
I had my annual Employee Evaluation this week. Of course I have the highest retention level possible, and I got a 3.1% pay raise. Better than a Vitrectomy (or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick) My boss was very complimentary of my work. I doubt she has any idea what I do, but I won't complain.
I had a very nice one day weekend. When you only have one day, you have to cram a lot into the time you have. I'm not going to go over the morning, but lets just say a good time was had by all. This afternoon we went and saw "The Adjustment Bureau" which was very enjoyable. It is an adaptation of a story by Philip K. Dick, one of my favorite authors.
Well time to get to bed. Got to go to work tomorrow.