Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Meet Frankeneinstein, famous for his theory of irrelevantivity.
I saw this on the internet and ordered a pattern, which I transferred by hand to a pumpkin. Then it is a three level carving to get the different levels of light. I had a bit of a hard time envisioning what I was doing until I put the light inside of it. Should have thought of that a lot sooner.
It is exactly opposite if drawing or painting where you add something to give the picture form. Here you are taking stuff away to add light.
Never done it before, but I like to stretch my brain on occasion.
The result is a little rough, but definitely ok for a forst time.
Anyway, Happy halloween

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Genetic confusion

I have been playing around with various genetic websites while waiting for my test kit. It gets pretty confusing, because a lot of them don't agree.
The fins a gravestone site lists James warren and Sarah Horrell as the parents of Alfred Alexander Warren. This is bad information. As a matter of fact, Alfred A warren is the son of Charles Warren. He is listed in the will as inheriting part of Charles's estate.
Charles is also listed as being executor of the estate of William Warren, who I figure must be his father. But I haven't been able to find anything that supports that. William warren was born in Maryland, in the area that would become D.C., but so far I have not been able to find anything concrete.
This has been fun, trying to ferret out small facts out of an enormous pile of........facts

Friday, October 18, 2013

Well, maybe not.

About the royal blood thing.....................
There are two mind sets about Guddun, Princess of England.
One side says she is the daughter of William the Conqueror, one side says not.
Her tombstone says she is, so I'm sticking with that.
I still have not connected the two halves of my genetics together, The sticking point is James Warren, who married Sarah Horrell in Kentucky in 1817. He was not born in Kentucky, but was born in Maryland, which would go along with family oral history. There was a migration of Catholics from Maryland to Kentucky in the late 1700s and early 1800s and the information I have managed to dig out is that he was born in 1790 in Maryland, died in 1870 in Kentucky.
I have joined the Warren family DNA site and have ordered a test kit, which will be used to compare 27 genetic factors of the warren family and should give me a match.
It will take a couple of weeks.
You may call me SIR.
Or not

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Royal Blood?

I have been fiddling around with Genealogy lately. It all got started with me going back to recover some some recent history, mainly our family's activities in the Four Corners area of New Mexico.
One thing led to another and next thing I was doing a family genealogy. I had a decent place place to start, with a genealogy put together by my Uncle Ben.
I dug it out, and it took me back as far as Charles Warren (1748-1820) and Monica Drury (1785-?)
With that as a starting point I just slogged it out with the Internet until I worked my way back to William de Warren, who was William the Conqueror's right hand man,fought beside him at the Battle of Hasings and married his daughter Gundren the Princess of England.
The blood of kings flows in these veins!
They can have it back whenever they want, it doesn't seem to be doing me any good.
Next thing you know people will expect nobless oblige.
Won't be able to fart or burp or pick my nose.
Fie on the peasants I say, FIE!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Grandkids

We went up to Concrete last Saturday to visit Amelia and James and the grandkids. It was good to see them settling in. The baby had gained 2 lbs in a week, which is significant because it was from seven to nine pounds.
It was a beautiful fall day for a drive. As we got out of town and a little up in elevation the leaves began to turn color. We stopped at a State Park along the Skagit river and walked on the trails for a while.
The mission was two-fold. We had clothes and stuff for Rs kids and a birthday present for Neeko's fifth birthday. It was hectic, with two five year olds together. They are already acting like sibs, in other words half the time they are playing together and riffin off of each other and the other half of the time they are fighting. Pretty normal.
Cps has been less than supportive up until this week, so we brought clothes and money. Although the State had awarded custody to Amelia and James, CPS was dragging their heels trying to find some other alternative. Rs lawyer finally nailed them with : The state has already given custody to James and Amelia, you need to take this case out of investigation and give it to a case worker so they can get the support owed them through the court. Good for him.
Monday they finally got a support check for clothing for the kids, who had arrived with practically nothing,
Looks like things might settle down now.