Monday, April 16, 2012

A Nice weekend

The stars and moon aligned and and all the conditioned were right
!) I had the weekend off
2) the weather was nice
3) we had no other commitments

This is the first time this has happened this year. The first time this has happened this year.
We made egg rolls in the morning (they are very yummy).
So that in the afternoon I could go twist a wrench. I have SOOOO wanted to get out and get to work on the cars. First I needed to charge the battery to the Z and get it running. While it was charging I got it up in the air and bled the brakes. Got it running and the brakes working.
Then came Frankenhealey. I had previously sold the prior Dellorto set-up with the velocity stacks to a guy at work for a grand, So I had purchased another set. Straight out of the box, they do not fit. The mounting holes are just a little to far apart, so you have to file them a little to get them to fit.
I wasn't going to run the velocity stacks without air cleaners of some kind, and I found some on line that look alot like the covering on a microphone, very fine steel mesh. They will keep miscellaneous small parts, rocks and insects from being ingested into the engine. The original engines demise was brought about by the ingestion of a small washer.
The are all fitted up nice.
Man do I feel stupid!
I replaced the ball joint assembly on the drives side of the truck, and drove it to work all week. All of the sudden on Saturday it started making a thump-thump-thump noise from the driver's side front, so I rearranged the cars so I could get it partly under cover and on the cement so I could look it over. When I got out of the truck, I noticed one of the lug nuts looked like it was a little loose. I fact, they all were loose. The noise was the wheel rattling around on the hub. Tightened the lug nuts up, and everything was fine.
But I sure felt stupid.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back on Second Shift

The title says it all.
When I took this job, I agreed to fill in when the second shift guy went on Vacation.
Little did I know that he was taking three weeks off in April.
Considering that I spent nine of the last 12 months I was in ECAT on second shift, three weeks is OK. Don't like it, but I agreed to it, So I guess I have no kick. The other thing is that I have to work every other weekend while he is gone. The way the schedule works out that means two out of the three weekends I get to work both days.
I just have to remind myself that it means another grand in the savings towards our tenth anniversary trip.
Friday is Mrs A's last day of employment outside the home. I have told her since we first got together that she could quit any time she wanted. She has always had mixed feelings about not working.
I might be a little envious.

Saturday, April 07, 2012


News Flash!

The Easter Bunny has been found alongside Main Street, the victim of an apparent hit and run.

Suspects in the incident are his darker relatives, the Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


We spent a couple of days at the Lake Quinault Lodge over the weekend. I got there depressed, exhausted and surly. After a couple of days I left recharged, revitalized and ready to go. What a great place for recharging your batteries.
Checkout time on Monday was 11:00 and we headed right out. We were home by 2:30. It was a beautiful day, so I quickly unloaded the HHR, changed clothes and started to work on the truck. I was sure glad I bought the air hammer and cold chisel. Even with power tools, it was a three and a half hour job. including the half a hour when I had to run to the automotive parts place to by a pickle fork (also known as a ball joint separator). The top mounting plate is hot riveted to the A-arm, so the majority of the time was spent getting the rivets out. I chose to air hammer and cold chisel the rivet heads off, partially drill out the rivets and pry it all apart with the air hammer. Time consuming but not too bad with a power tool.
So I got to beat on my truck with a power tool for a couple of hours, and in the end the truck was back on the road.