Saturday, November 27, 2010


I hate that word. It means I have once again procrastinated my way past the socially accepted deadline to do something.....again.
We went down to Bonney Lake and spent Thanksgiving with L & D. They are working themselves up towards a permanent commitment.
We spent the night. There was beer before dinner, wine with dinner, and whiskey after dinner, so it was just a good idea to stay off of the roads.
The meal was fantastic. Turkey and dressing and spuds and gravy and collard greens and ham hocks and sweet potatoes. And two kinds of pie for dessert. Everything was perfect. Best Thanksgiving Dinner in a long time.
Afterwards we watched "The Expendables". Heck of an action flick. There was so much action that at times it was difficult to tell who was doing what to who with which weapon. Testosterone wafted off of the screen like heat waves. May be the best action film ever..........and it even had a plot.......sort of, but who needs a plot anyway.
Before dinner we watched "Trains and Planes and Automobiles" a true Thanksgiving classic. Then after "The Expendables" we watched "A Christmas Story" while telling stories of our own and solving most of the wold's problems.
What a great day!
Tonight we are going down to Jazz Alley for dinner and to see The Taj Mahal Trio. Not everyone's kettle of fish, but someone I thoroughly enjoy.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Job

I have lived in this part of the world for the majority of my life.
I have never seen the driving conditions worse than last night. The wind was a sustained 35 miles an hour, blowing snow. Underlying the blowing snow was a sheet of ice. One advantage of going home after 11:00 is that most of the idiocy has already transpired. The disadvantage is that the temperature has usually fallen below freezing. What was bare and wet has become a sheet of ice.
So I didn't even try to make it up the big hill to home. I drove around to the ballpark that is located at the bottom of the hill right below home. Parked the truck, and walked the couple hundred yards up the hill home. I couldn't have tried to go up it, as someone had gotten their truck stuck sideways right in the middle of the street, blocking both lanes.
Getting around this morning was a piece of cake, but I am hoping that there will be enough traffic on the main road up the hill that I can actually drive all the way home. It's supposed to be about 14 degrees tonight. Not exactly weather for a stroll.
One more day of this nonsense, then a four day weekend. The warmer weather is supposed to give us something to be thankful for.
I'll just be happy to make it home in one piece.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Four Letter Words

This one starts with "S" and is usually either preceded or followed by unprintable other words. Yeah, I mean snow.
White crystalline stuff falling out of the sky.
I guess this means Indian Summer is over with.
And in a couple of hours I get to go to work.
The roads are getting scary, but not impassable yet. I will be able to make it to work, it being downhill and then flat. Making it back uphill can be another thing entirely. It really doesn't bother me. If it gets bad enough, I just park at the bottom of the hill. There is a ballpark there with a small parking lot. It is about a hundred yards up a steep windy road to the house. I have left my vehicle and walked a couple of times. It's no big deal (other than the time an out-of-control SUV almost ran in to me.)
It is supposed to freeze up overnight, so it might get a little slippery coming home. If I can't make it up the hill, I just turn around and head for the parking at the bottom of the hill.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday, those of us on second shift were supposed to get an end of the year celebration and thanks dinner provided by The Company.
Twenty minutes before we were supposed to go to dinner, they cancelled the dinner.
It seems no one had reserved the room or ordered the food.
It's sure nice to be appreciated.
I ended up going out to the Ptomaine Truck and getting a foot long Burrito.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sub Prime Dip

I should know better than to go to our cafeteria for food. The quality is questionable at best. Sometimes it is downright disgusting.
I was drooling in the keyboard, so I went to the cafeteria for a stimulant. They stock Sobe NO FEAR sugar free, which will get me through the rest of the evening.
While I was there, I saw that the featured special for the night was Prime Rib Dip. Supposedly this is like a French Dip sandwich, except made with Prime Rib. I love French Dip Sandwiches, and it is almost impossible to ruin them. It looked OK, so I bought one.
I don't know why I do these things to myself. I should know better. I get all optimistic and set myself up for disappointment. Each time I tell myself I will NEVER make that same mistake again, but eventually I forget how hideous the experience was last time.
So: Not Prime Rib Dip
Sub Prime Rib Dip.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Escaping the weekend

Contrary to all my good intentions, I accomplished exactly............nothing.
Well, I geuss that depends on your definition of nothing.
Robert Jordan's ghost written next book of the Wheel Of Enless Sequels just released book Thirteen of Fourteen. The new co-author has been doing an admirable job of finishing out the series. The transition has been practically seamless. I reserved a copy so that it was delivered to my home on the same day it went on sale.
So needless to say, I spent some time curled up with the book.
I finished the jgsaw puzzle I have been working.
I ate too much junk foor, while mourning the state of Football in the State of Washington.
It is incredible that as sucky as Seattle has played, they are still in First Place. It's not that they are good, it's just that the rest of the league sucks even more than they do. It was painful to watch on Sunday, but I stuck it out to the bitter end. For what purpose, I dont know other than I am just plain stubborn.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Time Out

I have this weekend off. Both days. As in two days IN A ROW.
But don't worry about me getting bored. I have all the things to do that I have put off from the last two weekends. The lawn needs to be raked. I need to work on the spare room/library. And need to work on the spare room in the basement.
And I have three cars that need work.
And naps need to be taken.
Watch the Washington teams get beaten in Football. Cats and dogs and birds. All lost last weekend.
HMMMM that sounds like at least three pounds to put in a two pound bag.
But I won't be bored.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

A small vacation

I shut my blog down for a couple of days. Actually I set the permissions to only allow myself access, which is the same as shutting it down.
Needless to say, I have opened it back up again.
I had to get up early to get to court to have R served with a restraining order. It is in place now, so I think I can look forward to a year of peace and quiet.
I also went and got my flu shot today. Hope it's not too late. I was coughing and sneezing earlier, but I'm hoping it was allergy and not the beginning of the flu.
Gotta run. I am at work and they are not paying me to blog. Funny how they are all fussy that way.