Saturday, September 22, 2012

Naga Bhut Jolokia

Also known as the Ghost Pepper.
I like moderately hot stuff. A little burn is good for the digestion. Jalapenos are not particularly hot, Chilis Torredos are warm, but anything hotter and you begin to lose the flavor of what they are in and get into the territory of just macho.
I admit it. Sometimes I do stupid stuff just for the macho.
So when one of the guys at work brought around the Ghost Chili beef jerky, I took a piece.
In case you don't know, the Ghost Pepper was recognised by Guinness world records as the hottest pepper in the world, with over on million scoville units. It will eat it's way through latex gloves. It can cause blisters.
Your face will turn bright red, tears will run down, your nose will run, and it will be difficult to breathe.
And that's not talking about what it will do to your digestive system.
Let's just say burn twice and leave it at that.
Oh, and by the way, be sure to wash your hands before you rub your nose, or wipe your eyes or any other delicate skin.
Don't ask how I know

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And God Laughed

We were going to spend the weekend at Scatter Creek Campground at the south end of Lake Taqualpa, an incredible beautiful setting this time of year. The wild rice growing in the shallow parts of the lake is brilliant green, the channel blue, reflecting the sky. The far shore is the dark green of pine and fir, and above them the mountains rise abruptly with their blacks and grays.
I have been there many times, but never to photograph it. That was my goal.
The dirt road is ten miles of incredibly bad road, with chuckholes and rocks the whole way.
I had just mentioned to MRS A "I really like the fact that the Westfalia has such Good ground clearance, I really don't have to worry about hitting a rock and putting a hole in the pan".
When will I ever learn?
God snickered and threw a particularly nasty rock in my path.
Shortly thereafter the oil light came on.
I stopped and went to the back to check the oil. None showed on the dip stick. I climbed under the Van, and there was a hole the size of your fist in the pan.
Of course there was no cell service. Ten miles to the nearest pavement, twenty to the nearest town.
Luckily a Game Warden came by right after that and stopped.
I asked him to call me a tow truck.
An hour later the tow truck showed up. Two and a half hours and $810 later we were home.
I went to change out the pan, and tweaked a muscle in my back, so I had to send it to the shop. It will be $425.00 to put in a new pan. A steel pan this time, not cast aluminum.
With a skid plate made out of 1/4" plate steel.
But I'm not going to brag about how I don't have to worry about rocks.
And I'll probably slow down some when I'm off the pavement.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Bad Mojo

What is more powerful than a father's love?
What is more powerful than a mother's devotion?
What is more powerful than Maternal instinct?
What is more powerful than love of self?
After more than a year of absolutely no contact with my daughter, R, I got a call from my ex yesterday. The minute I heard her voice, the bottom of my stomach went down a couple of feet. This could not be good.
Was R. dead? My first thought.
In the hospital, O.D, in jail?
Not yet.
Had a fight with the a-hole she lives with, and he got physical with her and is in jail supposedly. (I have seen her when she is coming down and she is meaner than a snake in the blind.)
Did she call me?
She knows that as long as she is choosing drugs over caring for her son, I want nothing to do with her. So she tries to get her mother to do her dirty work for her.
I have bought into this so many times that I should have it down by now.
Will I drive up to Everett and get her? NO. No Christmas call, no father's day call, no birthday card or call. Nothing.
A relationship is supposed to go both ways. I need to get something out of it other than pain.
I decline to participate in her self mutilation. I will net be an enabler.
But it still makes me feel like shit.