Friday, February 28, 2014

Life as Defined by Two Photos

SO this little tableau is a metaphor for life.
At one end of the rainbow we have the gold/goal, the beer store. When I get off of work I'm going to The Beer Store to reward myself for my hard work. The Beer is the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.
After we have attained our reward, we satisfy our craving, all is well.
Then 6the other end of the rainbow is a shower of gold.
And repeat as necessary.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentines Weekend

I proposed to the lovely Mrs A. on Valentines Day 11 years ago. I try to return to "The Scene of the Crime" every year tom commemorate it. So last weekend it was off to The Lake Quinault Lodge.
It is in the Olympic National Forest at the edge of the Quinault Rain Forest.
No phones in the rooms, not TV no cell phone service. Lots of beautiful hiking trails, a decent restaurant in the lodge.
I was concerned this weekend because the weather forecast called for rain followed by rain, with rain expected along with high winds. We have gone there before, and the rain doesn't bother us that much. Only one time have we been there when it POURED rain the whole time.
The drive there was through light drizzle, but not as bad as I had anticipated. We had dinner at the restaurant, and it was OK. They did not offer my favorite, Cedar Plank Salmon for two. So I had a steak. I was disappointed in the steak. Being raise on beef, and our family raising beef, I know a good cut of meat from a bad one, and the quality was so-so. The steak was thin and tough. This was not a $28 piece of meat, it was an $11 cut of meat. At least they had the Marionberry Cobbler, which was good enough to be the reason for the trip.
Sunday, after sleeping in we took a long hike, about four hours. We timed it perfectly. We started out in the drizzle, and were dressed appropriately in waterproof gear. We really didn't need it, because it quit raining and we actually saw the sun, an unexpected bonus. We got in the car and drove around the lake the waterfalls were all going full throttle. Quite impressive.
Nature being a thing of balance it made up for the unexpected bonus by bringing in a howling drenching rainstorm, and the power went out in the Boathouse for five hours. The Lodge has backup power, but not the boathouse, so we were in the dark without heat. No big deal. The lights came back on about 10:30.
The drive back home was a white knuckle drive all the way. Absolutely pouring rain. As much water coming up off the road from the cars as there was coming down from the sky. Traffic would hum along, the blind leading the blind, and suddenly it would stop for no apparent reason. No accident, no stalled vehicle, nothing
we talked a lot , told jokes, got rid of a lot of tension, had some good food, had a great hike.
Couldn't ask for a better weekend this time of year. Just enough negative to make you appreciate the positive.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A little bit of humor

I was walking down the aisle to the machines to get my morning Fritos.
A rather attractive woman was walking past in the other direction.
She was staring at my crotch.
I thought "What, did I forget to Zip or something?"
No everything was normal there.
As I checked my hand brushed my left hand pocket.
I had a bottle of prescription pills in my pocket.
I realized that it looked like I was "Really happy to see her"
I found it highly amusing.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Coming around

I have not frequented my blog of late. In general, I do not do well in the winter. Whether it is the weather or the lack of sunlight or whatever,  Throw on top of that not knowing where two of my grandkids are, and all of the uncertainty with their mom, it is hard to stay on an even keel.
SO I withdraw from the world, read and do genealogy, go to work, work overtime, and pretty much hunker down. I'm OK but the daily slog is just enough of an uphill slog to require a little determination to keep up at it.
I had a great time watching the Seahawks thump the Broncos in the Superbowl. Things are looking up.
But I am still having a lot of trouble gaining traction to go anywhere or do anything.
Oh well, Spring will come, the weather will improve and if things go well, I can retire this coming December.