Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Taken as a whole, this year has been a pretty good year. This year marks the fifth year since I met Mrs A., and it is the first year for us that has not been and endless stream of one crisis after the other. Mind you, it has not been completely smooth sailing, but all in all, not bad.

Either that or I have become so accustomed to chaos, that I didn't percieve the chaos as being particularly bad.

I spent a good part of the year not speaking to my daughter R. She had adopted the street life, and was back into drugs. I just don't want that around my house. It's her life, and she can live it her way, but I don't have to be a part of it. It can really tear you apart, trying to control something you have no control over.

But eventually things worked out, and she came over for Thanksgiving and we gave her a ride to the family Christmas Eve get-together. Everyone was happy to see her clean and sober. The story isn't all peaches and cream though. She is expecting. Her due date is May 5th. While I will be glad to welcome a grandchild to the world, it would be better if she had a husband to go along with the child. 'Nuf said.

The other daughter L. broke up with her long time companion, and we took her in for a couple of months. They had parted ways as partners a couple of months before, but he was still trying to run her life. After a couple of months things settled, and she is now living with a different guy. Although I don't approve of the morality of jumping from bed to bed without the sanction of Matrimony, I do like this new guy. He actually is working and isn't into drugs. He has plans for the future. I have worked on cars with him a couple of times. You can tell a lot about a man if you work on a car with him, and we worked smoothly together. I'm crossing my fingers on this one.

We purchase an Airstream 19' mobile home, and took it out camping a couple of times. I will sure never go back to tent camping. Our first outing was to Deception Pass State Park. It was a wonderful trip, and we will definitely be going back there.

Mrs A. has been under a lot of stress at work. She has been asking for help for over three years, and nothing ever happens. When she started not sleeping at night, I told her she needed to go see the doctor. Her blood pressure was 150 over 84. We're talking heart attack territory here. The doctor told her not to go back to work for a couple of weeks. She has to go back on the 3rd, but the doctor has limited her to 4 days a week. So we will have a new journey of some sort through her job adaptations. When we met I told her she could quit any time she wants, but she likes working and has supported herself and her kids her whole life. Although it will put a strainn on our budget, we can live pretty comfortably without her salary. I would really like her to quit and do volunteer work at Church, something she would enjoy very much, and is a heck of a lot more rewarding that her current job.

My Aunt Pat passed away in Mexico this fall. She had health problems for quite some time. She was such a lively, intelligent, fiesty lady, It's hard to think of her as gone. Mrs A. and I spent almost three weeks with her and my Uncle Ben as our honeymoon, and the memories are something I will carry with me the rest of my life. We had been trying to get back to Morelia to visit them, but things just didn't work out. I wish we could have seen her one last time.

V., my adopted grandson is 15 and a typical teenager. You almost have to beat him to get him to clean his room. He knows everything and we are old fogies. He is a good kid, and a rising star on the Debate team, but doesn't pay enough attention to his schoolwork and spends too much time in his "Lair" playing World of Warcraft, but is usually reasonable. Given all the crap he has been through in his life, he's not turning out bad at all.

Well, Happy New Year to everyone out there in the Blogosphere, and here's hoping 2008 is a banner year for you and yours.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jensen Healey Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Jensen Healeys

This is the rear end of the "donor" car.

One of several reasons it is the donor. The trunk is so rusted out that the straps that hold down the gas tank have nothing to attach to.

It doesn't look too bad from the front. Notice the nice straight fenders, and the 60MPH duct tape holding down the hood

The engine compartment of the good car. Notice the lack of rust.

The right front fender. It looks fixable to me.

Looking forwards down the left side. The fender isn't too bad.

I don't think there is anything that is unfixable. The engine was partly disassembled, so I have spent a quite a bit of time today just figuring out where things go. The biggest problem so far is the vacuum lines are old and brittle. I have already broken a couple and stolen a few parts off of the donor.
Unfortunately the two engines are not identical. The one in the white car came out of a '74 so the vacuum systems are different, and the cooling hose arrangements are different.
I got it to the point I have everything hooked up except the vacuum cannister that has a broken part, and a mysterious round inlet or outlet pipe that I can't find a hose for.
I turned over the engine just in case it wanted to start, but after a 22 year nap, the beast was reluctant to fire. I haven't checked the tiing yet, so I will check that next time I am out playing with it.
I was out under the deck for about three hour this afternoon in the pouring rain. Having a deck to provide partial cover is nice, but several drips appeared in unfortunate places, like right down the middle of my back. I ended up soaked to the skin.
It was sure nice to come in and change clothes and get warm.

Friday, December 28, 2007

I Done Nuthin'

Well, maybe not nuthin', but very little.

I got up and rebuilt my mom's favorite lamp, ran down to the bank to deposit some checks to replenish a badly depleted bank account, ran the lamp down to Mom's.. That was it.

Sent an e-mail to my Uncle Ben in Mexico, watched a movie.

Tomorrow I want to get the good Jensen Healey running. It now turns over with the key, but I need to install the intake manifold and carbs, get the timing right, check the gap on the points, put the distributor cap back on, attach the gas line, and cross my fingers. Shoot a little starting fluid in the carbs and turn the key and see what happens.


I hope.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after

It was a very nice Christmas. It actually snowed here yesterday. Doesn't happen that often up here in Latteland. It was just enough to turn the lawnns white, not really enough for even a good snowball fight. But the last time it snowed on Christmas was in 1996, so it was nice. We laid back and ate,ate,ate until we couldn't eat no mo'.

My first two tasks for the post Christmas vacation were to get the white Jensen to turn over, and to drill out the bolts of the ignition switch of the other one so we could turn the steering wheel. The first was easy, the second was a pain in the butt.

There are two bolts holding the keyed switch and steering lock mechanism to the steering column. When you install the switch and collar, they have a small head and smaller shank, which you tighten until the head snaps off. The end result is you have two medium size very hard bolts that cannot be removed by coventional means. The only way to remove them is by drilling them out.

Did I mention that they are very hard? Conventional drill bits won't do much. You have to get a special extra-hard drill bit. It still takes a long time and a lot of muscle to drill them out.

It took about three hours of drilling to get them to the point where I could get them to snap off, but it got done. The car is ready now to park under the deck. I don't have quite enough muscle to push it myself without damaging myself, so I will wait until tomorrow when V. is home and I will chain up the car to the S10 and pull it out in the street and then push it under the deck.

Then I can finish puting the white car's engine together and see if I can get it to fire up.

Maybe I don't understand the concept of "Vacation".

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful Christmas.

Take a moment in your busy day to remember what the Holiday is all about. Not a fat guy in a red suit, but the most important birth in the history of of mankind.

Speaking of the fat guy in the red suit, I hope he brought everyone wonderful things. I got more than my fair share of swag. First I have the love of the wonderful Mrs A., a gift beyond price. The love of my family, Kids that now are doing well. Enjoy it while you may.

We bought the big screen HDTV and stand. I got a pair of nice driving gloves, a bottle of good rum, a hoodie, new slippers, some cash, and of course my two Jensen Healeys.

I am very contented. As chaotic as my life is usually, it is really nice to have this time to recharge my batteries, physically and emotionally. Today is a day to just lay back and bask in the contentment.

I made Cheddar scalloped potatoed and a honey glazed spiral cut ham, so no one has to cook or scurry around today.

So I hope everyone the same. A moment to kick back and take it easy and recharge.

So a very merry Christmas to everyone.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Al --

A poltergeist sent back in time to change the course of history forever
'How" will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Explains a lot. You better watch out. You know who you are.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Exhausted + Constipated = So tired you just don't give a shit.

I was up at 6:00 this morning so I could be over at my buddie's (The Other Al) to borrow his truck to tow the car dolly around today, then back home to load up the truck, then down to U-haul to get the dolly. Back up to home to pick up my Navigator and Cheer Leader, the lovely Mrs A.

U-haul has a scam going. Almost all manufacturers of towing equipment use the same plug. Whenever you are plugging the towed equipment, the plug in the back of the vehicle has a round plug. But the U-haul equipment has a flat connector. Of course you have to have a special adaptor, and of course they just happen to have them in stock. What a coincidence! And of course the adaptor is $15.00. And worth at least six bucks. Capitalism at its finest. Oh well, it won't break the bank at Che' Warren.

Both of the Jensen Healeys are home now. When picking up the first one, it rained hard and steady. By the time I got it home and unloaded, I was soaked. Had to change clothes to go get the second.

Everything went pretty smoothly, except for the fact that I CANNOT back up anything being towed. I have never had any reason to acquire this skill, and when I attempt it, I can't get it even close to right. It makes my head hurt.

I think there must be some driving in reverse while towing something gene that I just don't have. My Macho male ego was severely bruised by having to have someone else back up the truck and dolly. But I survived.

The second car did not have the keys, so the steering is locked, and you can't turn the wheel. I was determined I was going to back it up so we could unload the car underneath the deck, but when I went to back up, the car on the dolly wouldn't back up. I thought I was doing something wrong, but it turns out part of the exhaust system had dropped down, and when I tried to back up, it jammed into the pavement and the car wouldn't move.

Tomorrow I will have to take the steering column apart and drill out the switch so that the locking mechanism doesn't work. A realtively minor pain in the ass.

At least both of the cars, and the spare parts are home now, and I don't HAVE to work on them any time soon, although the second car is blocking two parking spots. I now have enough projects lined up that I feel comfortable. The idea of not having a couple of projects lined up bothers me. I can't just sit around and do nothing.

My back is beginning to stiffen up. I am going to apply an inner anesthetic and muscle relaxer (Plymouth Gin) for medicinal purposes only of course.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Working Day of 2007

Today is the last working day of the year for me. At least the last working day I get paid for.

Tomorrow will not be a fun day. It is supposed to be 39 degrees and the rain coming sideways.

And of course I will be out in the weather most of the day, because I am going out to drag my two sports cars home. I have reserved a car dolly to be picked up at 9:00. So I will be out in the weather loading up cars and towing them home.

If you want to be a total pessimist, one of the local channels is predicting SNOW. But the weather channel and NOAA aren't. If I so much as see ONE snowflake I am going to run outside, shake my fist at the sky and yell "Who's in charge here?!. What the Heck do you think you are doing?! This is not funny! Who do you think you are anyway?"

It probably won't do any good, but it will make me feel better.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More car stuff

I went down to transfer the title to the one car, and it has not been licensed in so long that it has dropped off of the computer. That means they will not transfer the title until they get it back into the computer, and God only knows how long that will take.

They turned me away and said"We'll call you when it's ready." The second car I don't even have the title for yet, so Lord only knows how long it will take to get it transferred. I love bureaucracy. It provides thousands of semi-literate incompetents with a feeling of purpose, and keeps them off of the Welfare Rolls. Oh well, enough of that.

My cousin came over last night, and dropped off a Christmas Present. It was a thank you for taking her to see TSO. We have been best buds since we were in diapers. We always have a great time whenever we get together. She and Mrs A. get along great, so if she is over, I can go off and do something else and they will hardly even miss me.

She got us a gift certificate for Bahama Breeze, We have been there a couple of times, and the food was great. The activity behind the bar is entertaining, with the bartender juggling bottles and occasionally setting fore to things. But mainly the food is great. Seafood and Rum Punch with an umbrella in it with Carribian music in the background.

I can't wait.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blame it on Rick

In the comments Rick smart remarked "A Jensen who?" To prove my store of useless information, I choose to answer here.

Austin Healey made some of the most beloved sports cars in history. Good original or restored examples go for a lot of money. The bodies for these cars were made by The Jensen Brothers. When they quit making Austin Healeys, Jensen Bros. looked around for something to do.

They made a partnesrship with the son of the original Healey. They produced bodies, and Healey helped acquire engines and assemble the cars. They started out using Vauxhall engines, but they were underpowered, and wouldn't meet US emissions standards.

They ordered 2.0 liter 4 cylinder 16 valve engines from Lotus. The engines were still in development, but working with Lotus they ironed out the kinks, and the result was the Jensen Healey. The engines were originally developed for sports car racing, and they detuned them to make them more reliable.

They hoped that the new sports cacr would be as popular as the Austin Healey, but it never caught on, and it was only produced for a few years.

There were only 3,000 and a couple hundred produced in 1973, and I now own two of them.

Walking a thin line

I am always walking a thin line with Mrs A. My interrests are not the same as hers (except in the bedroom).

I have confessed before that I am a motorhead. I love working on interesting cars. The Z I bought for $1000 is now worth about six times that amount. I am proud of the work and the results.

I am always running into "Deals" that I can't walk away from. Last spring it was the Airstream. I bought it for $5000. Low book on it is $14000. I had a guy stop by the other day and offer me 7500 for it in cash. Of course I told him I would't accept less that $10,000.

Yesterday I found a deal on Craigslist that I couldn't turn down. Tw0 1973 Jensen-Healeys and a spare motor for $500. The first car could be put on the road with a little effort. The main problem is that it has not been run since 1985. It has been stored in a heated garage all the time. It has some body damage from beng flipped. The hood and front fenders are dented, but I don't think it is anything I can't fix. The second car has been rear ended but the damage appears minimal. Included in the deal is a complete spare motor with a cracked cylinder sleeve. These cars are powered by a Lotus dual overhead cam sixteen valve engine with dual Stromberg side draft carbs.

I knew the time was ripe to strike. I had just bought Mrs A. her TV for Christmas, so I am in her good graces. I proposed the deal, and she said OK, but I need to get rid of my 1978 280Z parts car. I Ineed to pull the computer out of it and then will put it up for grabs for free for parts.

I have rented a tow dolly for Saturday so I can go fetch the cars. I cant wait to get them home so I can start to timker. I may be able to get both of them running and on the street evenutally.
All it takes is time and money.

Monday, December 17, 2007


We went out and did the last of our Christmas shopping this weeekend.

Some of you out there have not even started yet. You know who you are.

We set out to look at TV stands and ended up at Fry's. I had been eying a 47" Plasms HDTV at Sam's club. When we were in Fry's, they had a sale on. 50" Samsung Plasma for less than the 47". WOHOO!

It and the stand are now firmly ensconced in the living room. The picture is fantastic, and we don't even have the box yet. We watched a DVD on it last night, and the clarity is great. We watched "The Bourne Ultimatum". I'd give the movie a 6, but the TV get's a 9.

Mrs A. has the rest of the year off, so I wanted her to have the new TV while she is off. It will be strange coming home and she is already there.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Bring it on

I have an evil genius little sister.

Most of the time this does not bother me because she is far away. She lives in the kingdom of frost and mosquitos, so she can't bother me much.

However, she has sent a missive to my wonderful, beautiful Mrs A. suggesting that I might be less thruthfull, and therefore worthy of nothing more in my stocking than a lump of coal.

Fie one you I declare! FIE.

Oh, and by the way, if you should come here, there is this little thingie on the bottom called comments. If you have the cojones, click on it and comment.

You have been challenged!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just For Me Day

I declared today to be galactic Just For Me Day.

I turned off the alarm, called in to work.

Then I went back to bed and slept until 10. It felt wonderful.

Got up and got the book I am reading,"Black Order" by James Rollins. It's pretty good. An end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-if-we-don't-stop-the-badguys thriller. It has three separate story lines that converge at the end. It is well written and I don't always want to put it down.

Fell back to sleep.

Got up and worked on my current jugsaw puzzle, had lunch.

Went out and wandered in the car. hit the Mall , a jewelry store, Linens'n Things.

I am buying Mrs A. a 47" LCD HGTV for Christmas, Now don't go looking at me like that.

I am too.

I don't much care for TV.

Of course there is an occasional sports event I will watch, just to keep up socially. You know, Monday morning water cooler bonding. "Did you see that incredible (catch, run, kick, tackle, sack, pass) in the third quarter? I mean it was HIGHLIGHT REEL stuff!

But I wanted to buy Mrs A. a little something special. This is our fifth Christmas together, so I went to the jeweelry store and bought her a five diamond pendant. It is in a teddy bear. He has a sack. It is sitting under the tree.

She knows it is there. She asked me "You expect me to not peek?"

I said yes.

Tonight after she goes to bed, I am going to take the pendant out and put a note in the jewelry box that says "You Peeked" and hide the pendant.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The post immediately below this is wwwrrrroooooo....


The facts were misreported.

In Sunday's Seattle Times in the Parade section, there is a column "Ask Marilyn". The Marylin in question is Marilyn Vos Savant, who is listed in the Guiness World book as having the highest recorded IQ.

She was the one who presented the "facts".

And I believed her. After all if you read it in the peper it must be true, right? RIGHT? Especially from the lady with the high IQ.

Somehow it just didn't seem right to me that the Aleutian Islands crossed the International Dateline. So I went on line and checked.

The International dateline jogs to the west specifically to avoid them.

So I was led down the path once again. I should always check my "facts" before I blog them.

Now who will believe my useless information?

Monday, December 10, 2007

More useless information

In my endless pursuit of meaningless information I present the following:

What is the westernmost State in the U.S.?

First off you need to establish if this is the contiguous U.S. (that means does it touch at least one other State), and it is not.

The answer most people come up with is Hawaii. Most people are also wrong.

The correct answer is Alaska. The Aleutian Islands go farther west than Hawaii.

In the same spirit of Geography, what is the Easternmost State in the U.S.?

Most people would be wrong again.

It is not Maine or Florida, but once again Alaska.

The tip of the Aleutian Peninsula crosses the International Dateline. making it both.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Little Sunshine

I have always felt that this year would be critical to the success of Mrs A and I's relationship. It had been four years of one real life crisis after another.

It kinda came to a peak last Christmas Ever when R called up to say that she was in need of saving, that she needed me to come and get her. Just like the ninety-seven other timmes I have pulled her out of whatever mess she had gotten herself into.

I told her that the kind of help she needed I coulldn't provide, that she needed to check hetself in to a clinic. She told me "Fine, I'll just go kill myself!"

I told her that was between her and God. After thouroughly cussing me out, she hung up.

I spent some miserable days wondering if she was alive or dead, but after a while got used to letting her go. You have to let The Lord do his work in other peoples lives. You have to let them go, knowing they can't jusy run to you to bail them out. At some point you stop being a nurturer and become an enabler.

I didn't hear from her for a quite a while. Yes, I worried and fretted and prayed. I spent sleepless knights.

I heard from her when she called to tell me I was going to be a grandfather. I didn't ask her if she knew who the father was. Just to be mean. But the whole conversation, over a couple of days ended with her cussing me out again and hanging up on me, so I cancelled her cell phone.

She finally called to say she was coming over to get her stuff, which had been in the basement for almost a year. She and a friend had found a place and were moving in. She was going to look for work. She was off of drugs and clear headed.

She managed to repair things enough with Mrs A for us to have her here with the whole family at Thanksgiving. Everything went fine.

She called on Monday to say she had a job, at Target. She had stopped at one of the electronic Kioscs and filled out an application. When she finished, a message flashed on the screen "PICK UP THE TELEPHONE" There was a handset, so she picked it up and tentavely said "YES?" A voice as her to report to personnel. They offered her a job on the spot, as a shelf stocker at night. She didn't really want that. It would have been ironic, because her Aunt Susie is a shelf stocker at Taget at night in Minnesota.

The guy asked her to wait a minute, disappeared. When he came back he said that they had created a job for her on the floor, and she had to go to HR. She was told that as soon as they cleared her, she would start.

Her first day was Friday. After orientation she was told that she had recieved a pay raise and promotion, and was now in charge of logistics. Making sure that the right products were on the shelves and all that.

R. has an exceptional employment record for someone so young. She was assistant manager in Motor Clothes at Downtown Harley-Davidson for two years by the time she was 21. She was manager of Molly Maids for Mercer Island after that.

She will do exceptionally well, as long as she can stay away from the drugs.

So after a long journey in the darkness, there comes the dawn.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Well, at least it's Friday.

I have been wanting to take a day off JUST FOR ME.

Every once in a while I like to take a day off and stay at home and just do whatever strikes my fancy. Read a book, work on a jigsaw puzzle, take a nap, have a beer. Disconnect the phone. Maybe put on some good jazz or blues. Snuggle down on the couch with a comfortable blanket and just tell the world to go to ........well, go someplace else.

I have been unable to do this for some time. Like since the beginning of August, because the kids have been living with us. Having a rugrat running around the house is not conducive to peace and quiet. Don't get me wrong. I love my grandkids, but the way this is supposed to work is they come over and you spoil them rotten, fill them up with sugar and send them home. It is one of the few socially acceptable ways of getting even with your kids. But I keep forgetting the part about sending them home.

I have been waiting for that day when my presence at work would least affect things, but every day lately I have had critical meetings that I need to attend. It's not like production would come to a screeching halt without me, it's just that we are in the critical point in planning a new production strategy and I have a lot of good input, having spent most of my career in shipside support.

This morning I woke up and wanted to take that day. But I remembered that I had a meeting that I had promosed to attend this morning on emergent wiring repair and rework. So I resigned myself to it, got up and went to work.

When I got here, the first thing I did was open my e-mail. And there at the top of the page, the very first item was a notice cancelling the meeting.

It's not like I have nothing else to do, but none of it is critical or has to be done TODAY.

I could have taken my FTW day.

Oh well, at least it is Friday.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

More meetings

I have back to back to back meetings today. Lots of politics and hubris. It may get interesting.

I also have a free end-of-the-year lunch, but it is in the company Cafeteria, which is not exactly known for it's gormet delicacies. It is a place that supplies fuel for the body, not inspiration for the soul. Nobody is ever going to ask for the recipe for anything.

My take on a typical recipe:

Take one 55 gallon drum of pre-made potato soup mix.
Add water
Drag a clam through it on a string


Clam chowder.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I have a lot of meetings, so I won't be around much.

I am trying to set up facilities and equipment for my group for the P8-A program. They haven't even given me a floot plan yet, so I don't know how many desks there are, so how can I figure out how much equipment we need?

What a giant pain in the ass.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The weather has been entirely too interresting lately.

First it was freezing and snow on Saturday.

Then yesterday it was close to 60 degrees and raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock. Roads closed, hillsides sloughing off parts onto the streets below. High winds. We set some records for the amount of rainfall in a 24 hour period.

When you have seven inches of snow comverting itself to water during a torrential downpour, you got more water than you have places to put it.

And the big kicker: The local MickeyD burned down yesterday afternoon.

The end is near.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I am exhausted today. And a little hoarse from yelling my head off. And maybe my ears are a little sore, and my eyes a little blurry fron the light show & pyrotechnics.

At three o'clock my cousin called to say she didn't think she ccould make it out of her driveway. Mrs A's sister called to say she had infected sinuses and wouldn't make it, it was snowing hard and the streets were white. We had a couple of inches of snow.

I was beginning to get worried and pissed. They were predicting that it would be gone by Sunday night. Why the heck did it have to snow NOW? I had spent $500 on tickets as Christmas presents, and there was no way to get a refund.

It began to warm up, and at 6:00 my cousin called and said she could make it, as the street was clearing. I had counted on her to drive, as she has a seven passenger van. She said we could use her van as long as I would drive. Hell, I would have pushed the thing.

We just barely got there in time, because of traffic. It is usually a half hour drive, but it took us an hour. We were seated just as the show started.

I have heard from a couple of obviously misguided people that they thought it could not have been better than the 3:00 show. I have to say there is no way the first show could have been as good.

Consider that when they did the 3:00 show, they knew they had to reserve energy for the second show, so the first show was just like a warmup for the main event.

There were four generations of family there, and everyone thought the show was stupendolossal. There is really no way to convey the sights, sounds and yes smells.

I have liked the music for several years, and loved the videos on the internet, but there is no way to compare that to the total impact of the multi-media kick-ass Christmas pyrotechnic screaming guitar light show experience.

My mom is 81, and this is the first time she had been to anything like a rock show. I was a little concerned that it would be too much for her. But she was as thrilled as anyone else. Every performer was outstanding, My favorite was the chick that played the hot pink electric violin. Or maybe when they did the duelling Hendrix on the guitars, or when they did the duelling pianos (classical vs contemporary.) Or the twenty foot tall blasts of flames ( I could feel them from my chair). Or the fireworks during Christmas in Serejevo. Or ..........

Hell, I could go on for an hour. They had an amazing light setup, and light show. There were half a dozen fixtures that raised and lowered, turned and twisted and changed color. The whole backdrop was computer controlled lights. And the lasers were wonderful. There was so much going on that you really couldn't keep track of it all.

Oh yeah, there was music, too.

It was so special I woke up this morning with TSO in my head, and feeling like today should have been Christmas.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Damn the Snow, full speed ahead

We have eight reservations to go see Trans Siberian Orchestra, and wouldn't you know it, I got up this morning to snow.

It melted off of the streets by about noon, but about 3:00 it started up again.

The streets are now white.

I took the HHR out to gas it up and drive around to guage conditions, and we are gooing to go anyway.

Two people have already backed out. I am not going to let a little snow stop me.

Hopefully tomorrow the only thing I will have to post about is the concert.