Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toe Wars

The week before Thanksgiving, I noticed a sore developing on my second toe. A red raise area, sore to the touch.
It kept getting bigger and more painful, so on the Monday before turkey day, I went to the doctors. They weren't sure of a diagnosis, but most likely either gout or an infection. So they treated it as both. Gave me both gout medication and an antibiotic.
On T-day when I got home, the sore had burst, and the whole end of my sock was saturated with liquid. I spent the rest of my four day weekend with my foot elevated, and basically kept off of my feet. It didn't get any better. although it did make a scab.
I am diabetic, and have had three relatives lose lower limbs because they neglected to take care f themselves, so I was pretty worried.
Sunday, the scab split an my toe oozed out a lot of black blood.
This Monday I went back to the doctor. My regular Doctor was not available, so I told them I didn't care who saw me, but somebody needed to look at my foot.
They poked and prodded, and sent me to the wound treatment center, where they tortured my for a while. Tweeezers, scissors and scapple. Tell me if you can't stand the pain.
I did ask them to stop once to give it a rest when the sweat started on my brow.
They cleaned it all up, bandaged it and sent me on my way, with some more intibiotics.
I need to go back tomorrow to have them check it.
It has quit huring so bad which means it is either healing or has gone into gangrene, but since it doesn't stink, I am going to go with healing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Always Something

I heard from North Westie today, and of course the news was not real good.
It is in having the heater installed under the back seat. And the water system worked on, and some other minor stuff.
They had it up on the lift, and they noticed cupping on the driver's side tire. Not good. Those are brand stinking new tires. So they got to looking around and found a bad ball joint and some worn bushings.
I had noticed when we were above 65 it had a shimmy in the steering, and figured it was a wheel out of balance. Not so. Tack another 300 bucks on the bill.
V called this week and asked if he could move back in. I had to tell him no. After giving us total disrespect and fighting every thing we asked of him for the last four years or so, why the heck would we want to give him the opportunity to disturb our home life again.
I adopted him when he was 6 and raised him through High School. My duty is done. The fact that I don't want him living with us again is based on his consistent prior behavior. I see no reason to believe that he has changed in any fundamental way. It was not easy telling him no. I love him, just don't want to live with him.
I think he should volunteer for Military Service. It would grow him up in a hurry.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Not Much

I started back on second shift on Monday. Very unhappy about the shift change.
Must stay focused.
I have a high end job. which is challenging.
I enjoy my job.
Lots of people would kill to have my job.
I am respected in my profession.
#$%^&*(ing second shift.
Bought a sketch pad the other day and am getting my hand back into art. It's been about ten years since I have done anything. Right now I am just doing some preliminary work for a picture I have in my head that needs to get out. Skills are slowly returning.
The Westy is in the shop having the independent heating system installed and a few of the bugs worked out. Since the Westy already has a propane stove, the heater will be plumbed into the same system. One step closer to having things the way I want them.
I have my resume' in for a different job. Still on the P8-A, but in Liaison M.E. rather than ECAT. but a first shift job. only have to fill in on second shift when the regular second shift guy is on vacation or sick leave. It means giving up my lead position, but at this point I don't care. My home life is much more important to me than having a n "L" after my name on the org chart.