Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I hate Christmas shopping.
I hate crowds.
I hate the hype and commercialism.
On Saturday I went Christmas shopping with R and 'i'. I am still pissed at R. This is the first time I have seen her in a year and a half. I had set up a day to take her to lunch for her birthday last month but she stood me up and never called.
So I set it up to take her to buy some new shoes and a teddy bear for "i". Of course she was three hours late. By the time she called me from the bus stop, I was so pissed I almost told her where to go. But if I did that I couldn't tell her what I wanted to say, so I went and picked them up at the bus stop, and we went shopping.
After I got done chewing her out, We went to The Landing. We went to Ross to get a pair of shoes. The last time I saw "i" he was not talking. Now he jabbers constantly. I can't understand what he is saying half of the time, but he has his own unique way of putting things.
While R was looking at shoes, "i" and I went to the toys, and he was having a great time looking over the toys. When I tole him we had to go back to the shoe section he told me "No, I'm too happy". He also referred to Mrs A as "Lady Grampa". On the way over to The Landing he kept telling me I was going the wrong way. Must get that from "Lady Grampa".
He was a little hard to handle, hyperactive and not responding well. At one point I was thinking "What the heck have I gotten myself into?"
Since Ross had no stuffed animals, we went down the block to Target. While R and "i" were looking around I snuck over and picked out a teddy bear. Big and soft.
When he saw the Teddy Bear, his face lit up like a Christmas Ornament, and he gave it a big hug and a couple of kisses.
Suddenly all the frustration and anger and impatience went away, and the whole day was worth it.
The smile of a grandchild is the food for the soul of a grandparent.