Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Political punits
In too much abundance
will surely lead you astray
a little reflection
and B.S. detection
will probably show you the way

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bring it on

Lately I have been on a run of bad luck.
Some times stuff just happens.
The washing machine gave out this week. Rather than attempt to fix it myself (which is what I would normally do ) I had Mrs A call a Repair Service. They wanted $529.00 to repair the old machine.
So of course we bought a new one, which was $679.00.
Saturday, we were supposed to go to our grandson's sixth birthday party, but when I woke up from my nap, there was doggy diarrhea and vomited blood in the music room. Monk was hiding and looking mighty ashamed of himself.
So instead of going to a birthday we spent the afternoon and early evening in the veterinary emergency room.they never did figure out what was going on, except that the x-rays didn't show anything unusual. so for $300.00 we learned nothing.
So it goes.
So if you go with the superstition that bad luck comes in threes, I should be in the clear.
Kitchen sink
washing machine
Doggy vomit

Thursday, October 11, 2012


God. I hate plumbing.
The kitchen sink was dripping, so I needed to get to work on it.
Just a simple job of replacing the washer, right? Right? Right?
I replaced the 00 washer, but instead of it dripping from the faucet, it started dripping underneath the sink. No Fair! I didn't even touch anything under the sink except to turn the water supply to the hot water tap off.
The kitchen sink fixture is a cheap one with plastic handles, and I had a different one with brass handles in the basement that someone gave me, so I decided to swap out the fixtures at the same time. I figured I would need to fix the brass fixture, because nobody would give away a solid brass fixture unless there was something wrong with it.
This was shortly after I started to pass a kidney stone. I had to rebuild the fixture, put it on, try it out, take it back apart and fix something else, put it back on. Every time I did this it irritated the kidney stone and I had to stop. After two weeks of working on it off and on, it still leaks, The compression seal at the bottom of the tap fixture for the cold water tap won't seal properly.
Well, I was going to swap out the sink anyway, so as soon as I get a day off, I am going to swap the old beat-up porcelain sink for a stainless steel sink.
While I'm at it I will go down and buy a good washerless fixture.
Meanwhile, I have tools and materials scattered all over the kitchen, the cleaning supplies  usually under the sink are scattered all over the kitchen, and a mixing bowl is under the sink catching the drip. It drips one drip every hour or so, but Mrs A. is getting impatient. For some reason, after working a ten hour day, I don't have the energy to tackle anything that isn't an emergency.
That and the fact that I won't go down and pick out a fixture without taking her along. So far it looks like I might get Sunday off, so I know what I will be doing.
God, I hate plumbing.

Thursday, October 04, 2012


No, not the rolling Stones, although they could be called the moving stones.
Stones as in Kidney stones.
When I was working on the Westie, I got up from laying on my back, walked around doing something (I don't remember what) and it felt like somebody walked up and stuck an ice pick in my right kidney. This was a familiar feeling, as my body manufactures and disposes of kidney stones on a regular regimen. After I got done with the OH SH*T< OH SH*T< OH SHIT, I went back to work on the car. Since the pains did not completely go away, I called the consulting nurse and told her I was pretty sure I was passing a kidney stone, should I bother to come in?
She said it would be good to get a real diagnosis. Although she didn't say it, I got the distinct impression she thought that any one who does self diagnosis has a fool for a doctor.
So I went in and they x-rayed and I have three stones. Two on the left. one on the right. They are small and non-obstructing, so they sent me home with the instruction to take more drugs and come back if nothing changes. I declined a prescription for more Percocet 'cause I just don't like the stuff because it leaves me too foggy headed. (No remarks from the peanut gallery please)
Well, it has been two weeks, and I am still having occasional problems. Most of the time I am fine, but every once in a while someone runs up behind me and ice picks my kidney.
I have been working on the kitchen sink, putting in a new fixture and lines, so I have been laying on my back working at arms length. It has never bothered me when I am working, but after I get up and walk around it will kick in. Especially at night when I go to lay down.
I e-mailed the doc and told him it was maybe a pulled muscle, but he sticks with his original diagnosis.
Guess I'll just stick it out.