Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Not that I think Politics has become divisive or anything, but if President Obama wants to be reelected, I think all he has to do is write an official memo stating that it his position that he is strongly in favor of breathing.
The Republicans would therefore have to come out strongly against breathing, thereby eliminating all opposition.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home again

Vacation was wonderful.
Two weeks of wandering the back roads, mainly in Idaho.
We started out at Lake Easton State Park, just over the top of Snoqualmie Pass. We spent a couple of days camping there with friends. A good time was had by all. We went into Roslyn to The Brick for hte Macho Nachos and a couple of beers, played cards, told stories, and took a couple of hikes. Not to mention eating huckleberries right off of the bush.
On to southern Idaho. We spent the night in Emmett and went out to Sage Hen Reservoir to one of the campgrounds. Not a bad Park, but there were no showers and the outhouse was less than sanitary, so we only stayed for one night.
Then on to Peninsula State Park outside McCall Idaho. Beautiful little town and a very nice campground with nice modern facilities. We stayed a couple of days.
The trip up The North Fork of the Payette river was really beautiful. We stopped several times to just watch the water. Over the top and down the other side to follow the Clearwater. We crossed over the River at Ororins and went way back in the woods to Dent Acres Campground. We had only intended to stay one night, but the weather forcast was for 106 Degrees, and we didn't want to travel in that heat. So we hunkered down and hooked up the Air Conditioner and hung around the Westfalia all day. I spent the day under a tree whittlin' and reading, Managed to pick up a pretty good sunburn on my upper arms.
Then on to Sandpoint. We spent two nights in a Howard Johnson's.
I had promised Uncle Fred I would fish Deep Creek for him while I was up there, so Mrs a and I did. She Had never stream fished before, so I took a while when we first started out to show her how it was done and why a particular strategy worked. She caught the first fish, a little rainbow trout. We had a good time walking down the middle of the stream, talking and fishing. I caught the only two fish worth keeping ( a couple of rainbow trout about 8 and 10 inches). We went back to the Hotel, and she took a nap while I went back out to fish Sand Creek, where I picked up a couple of 8 inch Brookies to add to the take.
We got together with the family and went out to the Western Pleasures Ranch for a catered dinner. A beautiful lodge out in the woods. Hay ride before dinner, good home cooking.
Larry Glahe and his lovely wife, Jackie hosted the reunion. We went back to their house for nightcaps.
Saturday we were supposed to go out on the lake in their houseboat the Alibi, but muskrats had chewed holes in the gas line and after replacing the line, the engine never would run right. Rather than run the risk of breaking down in the middle of the lake we just partied on right there on the dock.
Prime rib dinner home made cherry and huckleberry pies for dessert. Much beer and other beverage was consumed, tall tales were told, and most of the world's problems were solved. My face hurt from  mso much laughter and smiling.
Then back home on Sunday.
My blood sugar was great the whole time, I actually lost five pounds, and I felt great.
I have come to the conclusion That for me health, I need more vacations.