Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Musings

Last night was the get-together to celebrate my nephew Alex's college graduation. He has a degree in Business Marketing or some such. He already had a job as an intern with a firm, so he is now permanent. While it doesn't pay a whole lot to start, in this economy, having a job right out of college is a definite plus.

It was great to see my sibs, the food was excellent, and the booze was free. Since I had to get up and go to work today at 5:00, and was driving the Z to boot, I only had one beer, but it was a good beer, Fat Tire Amber Ale, one of my favorites.

And I managed to embarrass the hell out of V., always a plus.

I happened to mention that he had gotten home late, and immediately went and took a shower. He and water, while not enemies, are only nodding acquaintances. I wondered what activity he had been engaged in that made him feel he had to go take a shower immediately after coming home. Everyone chuckled, and when I turned and took a look at him, his face had turned bright red. I don't remember ever seeing him blush like that. He immediately dissembled and stammered, much to the amusement of everyone. Score one for Grandpa.

My Uncle Ben in Mexico is getting remarried. I think he is 78 now. At any rate, he has met a special lady, and they are tying the knot. I couldn't be happier for him. We can't make it to Mexico for the wedding, but he is coming up here for a meet and greet in Oregon at my cousin's place in August. I can't wait to meet her. She must be something special. I am currently trying to arrange for the trip from here by a contingent of Warrens from Latteland. Should be a lot of fun.

I have arranged for a week at the ocean for Mrs A and I the following week at Chateau Westport. I am really looking forward to a week at the beach away from everything and everyone.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday? Already?

Where the heck has the week gone?

Al the sudden, here it is Friday. But since I am working bothe days this weekend, it doesn't make a big difference. But next weekend I am taking off all three days. The latest schedule is that the shop will be completely shut down on Friday, but work Saturday and Sunday.

I have told them I really don't want to work, but if sombody absolutely has to be here, it will fall on me. Since it would be double time both days I guess I can always lay back and think of England.

But I would really rather have the time off.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Purloined Picture

Saturday we went to the Museum Of Glass in Tacoma. We spent a quite a bit of time at the Hot Shop, where they were working on a current project by a local glass artist. While I wasn't impressed by the project itself, it was fascinating to watch the process. I had no idea how much physical work by a bunch of people was required.

We toured the exhibits, which I found kinda paltry. Included is the one photo I managed to get before the Glass Gestapo informed my photography wasn't allowed. At least they didn't demand my memory card or confiscate my camera.
I mean WTF I just paid monet to get in. It's not like they were rare acheological ancient artifacts. I don't get how taking a photo would in any way endanger the display.
Oh well, enjoy the illegal purloied image of a beautiful object.
We stopped at a seafood place and bought a smoked trout, some crab dip, and some Gumbo base. The crab dip disappeared in short order, and most of the smoked trout evaporated in short order. The gumbo base will wait until I assenble the rest of the components. All in all, a very enjoyable day.
Father's Day was nice. Quiet. Both of my kids called to wish me a happy Father's Day. I watched the Seattle Mariners go over 50% in their record by beating the Diamondbacks, I BBQ'd a couple of excellent T-bones with fresh asparagus. Slurped down a couple of beers, and took a nice nap.
I told them at work that I have no intention of working as much as I have. I want to take every other weekend off. This weekend reminded me how much there is out there to enjoy, and I want to go and do a lot more with the lovely Mrs A.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just another week

Nothing much going on at Chateau Warren.

I'm getting worn out by the constant work. Today makes eighteen days without a day off, and although it is only eight hours a day this time around, it is wearing me down. Mrs A is getting cabin fever, because we haven't gone anywhere lately.

I will have this weekend off, so we are planning to get out and about. We have both been wanting to get down to Tacoma to see the Museum of Glass. Unless it is a torrential downpour or something we will probably go. It is supposed to be fabulous, and I love glass artwork. Promises to be interesting.

Sunday we will probably stay home. Mrs A has purchased a couple of primo t-bones and I will fire up the grill. I do love a prime steak done just so on the grill.

R called to apologize to me for cussing me out on the phone the other day. I think this is a first, her apologizing for her bad behavior. She really needs to learn to curb her temper. Mrs A still is pissed at her, and currently wants nothing to do with her. Can't say as I blame her. It presents some problems for Father's Day, but we will get through it.

We are currently discussing spending a week someplace in August. Still haven't decided where or when. So far we are leaning towaards Chateau Westport, but I will still have to call them and see what is available.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In the Laboratory

After spending a year and a half getting Frankenhealey in one piece and running, I turned it over to Gabriel for paint. He of course tore it all apart. So here it is, in pieces.


Women are complicated creatures.

Mrs A wants to get out of Dodge this weekend. Doesn't have a destination in mind. Just hit the road and go anywhere that isn't here. I am of course supposed to come up with THE PLAN. If it was just me, the plan would be to throw a change of clothes in a gym bag, a sleeping bag in the back of the truck and hit the road. Throw a female into the works and it becomes "complicated".
Fourteen pairs of shoes. Twelve changes of clothes. A whole suitcase of mysterious fluids and creams. A fancy cress "just in case". If we are going overnight, it must involve a shower and clean bathrooms. Roughing it means no room service.

Men on the other hand are simple creatures. (Hey, I heard that snicker, hold it down, you don't want me to come back there!)

I would just wander, sleep in the back of the truck. The extra clothes are only in case I fall in something or get caught in a torrential downpour. The world is a guys bathroom. A shower can wait until you get home, but a handy dip in a stream or lake will do in a pinch. No soap required. Fire is your friend, and smoke is almost as good as deodorant. Sometimes better.

And don't get me started on the dog.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday......So What?

Which translates that I am working both days again this weekend.
The weather, for Latteland has been outstanding lately. I think we are working on our fourth week withour rain, which is pushing the record.
I think the weather on the weekends has been good because I am working. On the other hand, I am taking off next weekend, which pretty much guarantees it will rain. After all, next weekend is Father's Day weekend. I really don't expect my kids to do anything for me. R is not talking to me, which is fine with me right now. Mrs A and I were filling out our wills the other day, I seriously considered cutting her out of my will.
But then I remembered how I promised myself that I would never be the kind of person that uses that as a way to punish/reward my offspring. Then again, her mom has told her she isn't even mine.
So have a beer or glass of wine for me this weekend, because I'll be here at the gulag.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Here is Frankenhealey. Most of the paint stripped off, running and moving, and of course a picture of the engine compartment.

Hopefully, pictures of it after paint will follow soon.

Monday, June 08, 2009


One foot in front of the other. You can't take more than one step at a time.
Frankenhealey is running. You can actually get in it and turn the key, and it starts. It runs like crap, and the idle is way too high, but it will continue running until the key is turned off. It does not appear to be leaking any fluids. If I wanted to, I could drive it around, except that it has no brakes.
Brakes are overrated anyway.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

GM Bankrupcy

When the production of an Icon is taken out of the hands of the visionaries and given over to the accountants, it becomes doomed. No passion in, no passion out.

Just as true for aircraft as it is for automobiles.

An excellent article in the Wall Street Journal today.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nothing Much

Things have been thankfully quiet around chateau Warren the last couple of days. It has been a little warm for my tastes, but I really don't want to complain. It was up in the mid eighties today. A little too warm for me too want to get out and twist a wrench on Frankenhealey, but just right for sitting around vegging.

We went to a lawyer today to get wills drawn up. I have seen what family can do when there is money involved, and it seems to bring out the worst in everyone. We just want everything nice and cut and dried. I die and she gets everything, she dies I get everything, we both die and everything gets divided evenly among the kids. Living will, power of attorney if one of us is incapacitated.

I will probably be working both days this weekend and next. I'd really like to have some time off to get Frankenhealey running, but I took it on as a long term project, so there is no tearing hurry. I still want to get it running good enough to take it to the employee car show this summer, but that is several weeks away. If I don't make it, I can still take the Z with it's new body kit on. I still need to take some pictures to post.

R has called and everything is back to normal. She is working and going to school as well as raising a couple of kids, so her plate is more than full.

My nephew is graduating from Seattle U with a business degree in marketing. He is an outstanding kid with a bright future. I am sure he will do well.

A nice quiet week is just what I was looking for.