Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Counrty Christmas

This was our first Christmas in our new home out in the country.
On one hand we missed out on the Warren Family Christmas Eve Party, so I missed out on the opportunity to explain to my sibs why they are wrong about everything, not that they would listen anyway.
On the other hand three of our four children and one grand kid were here for a couple of days, and a good time was had by all.
The good thing about having a captive audience is that they pretty much have to listen to you.
My daughter Rose was MIA again. No phone call. nothing no card. Oh well, it is her choice to live the life she does and there really isn't anything I can do about it.
Mrs A and I's Christmas present to each other was a telephoto zoom lens for our Nikon camera.
The other day, we were out and about and went up the road towards the mountains. When we came back down thee was a herd of about 20 elk at the power lines right around the corner from the house. We went on home and grabbed the camera and went back to take some pictures, but even at full zoom, the elk are barely visible. There have been several other picture opportunities that haven't come out because the lens on the camera didn't "zoom" enough.
So we bought ourselves a 70-300 mm zoon lens for the camera. I also bought a camera backpack and a UV filter. Now we will be better prepared when the next opportunity presents itself.
There were three bull elk contesting for leadership and breeding rights. They were magnificent animals. A real sense of presence about them. When we got back from fetching the camera, we got out of the car and Mrs A took a couple of pictures, but they can't convey the essence of the Elk. I doubt this will be the last time we see the herd, so we are prepared for next time.
I have started on next winter's wood. There was a 2' diameter maple in a clearing out by where I have my stuff set up for splitting wood, so I dropped it and started cutting it into rounds, preparatory to splitting it into firewood. That is some hard wood. I had to stop and sharpen the chainsaw twice in the short time I was out there. The second tie, I decided to call it a day. Plenty of time to cart it out of the wood and split it.
The reason the maple was cut down was a part of my long term plan.
The area where it was growing is fairly open, and I want to turn it into a meadow with wildflowers, so the first step is to fall the trees, then grub out the bushes and ferns and level it out so I can seed it with wildflowers. A lot of work but it will be worth it when it is done. No hurry.
All in all it was a very nice Christmas.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Deferred Pleasure

This last year has been one of many changes, Retirement, selling the house I had lived in for the last twenty-five years, buying a house in Sequim and moving.
All positive things, but stressful nonetheless.
Much to my dismay, I recently found out that my favorite author, Ivan Doig had moved on to the big Ranch in the sky. I have enjoyed his writing for many years, and have always happily anticipated his next release. He had a way with words that resonated in me like few other authors ever had. Not to mention that the site of most of his tales occured in Montana which was just a hop skip and jump from my own Northern Idaho. I forst discovered his writing with "English Creek" and in my mind this coming-of-age story could have almost been my story in places. Jick could have almost been me, in attitude and action.
Mr. Doig published one last book before his passing "Last bus to Wisdom". It sits on the kitchen counter waiting for me to pick it up and get started. I have been deferring my pleasure for now, because no matter how much I will enjoy his way with the English Language, it is the last.
When it is done, the trip is over.
No more.
The final fling.
Starting it means the approach of the end of a wonderful journey through his world.
I have another book I am finshing before I start this one, because I want to give t my undivided attention.