Friday, December 20, 2013

Almost Christmas

I have to admit to being a bit of a Scrooge. I really don't like the hype, the commercialism and the drama. I withdraw like a turtle into my shell, and peek out occasionally to see if it is over yet.
Now that we no longer have kids at home, we don't much decorate, and I hate shopping with a passion year round, but especially at Christmas.
So two of my grandkids are under court guardianship, my daughter is in the hospital recovering from a pulmonary embolism. The daughter lost custody of her kids because she is a junky.
Under the circumstances it is extremely difficult to maintain a cheerful demeanor. I don't want to bring anybody else down.
Oh well. It snowed this morning and I got to see multiple people doing stupid things. Snow provides much amusement. First you have the people that have not a clue how to drive in the snow. They accelerate too quickly, jam on the brakes, take quick turns. The car ends up going straight when they want to turn. I saw two in my four mile commute this morning having intimate conversations with light poles.
Then there is the snow bully. They usually drive big four wheel trucks or SUVs. They tailgate, blink their lights, toot the horn. Their basic attitude is "Get the Hell out of my way, I'm coming through". They don't seem to realise that just because you have four wheel drive, it doesn't mean you can STOP any faster than homebody's old beat up jalopy that they only use to drive in the snow because it is no loss if they put it in the ditch. These guys usually end up in the ditch, quite frequently upside down.
The best advice I ever heard about driving in the snow is: "Pretend you have an egg taped to the bottom of you shoe(s). It is of utmost importance that you not break the egg.."
So I was driving the 2007 Chevy HHR with the Blizzak snow and ice tires. The tires are rated as the best for snow and ice. Front wheel drive, so the front end is always trying to go in the direction the tires are pointed. Slow to moderate speed, maintain your distance from cars around you, and Look out for the idiots.
The snow was falling and Christmas carols were playing in the radio.
I almost started singing along.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


It has been pretty cold for Latteland for the last couple of weeks. Down below 20 degrees several mornings. I know that would be perceived as a warming trend for lots of people this time of year, but we are real cold wussies up here. Anything below freezing is considered extreme weather.
This morning it was freezing fog, a personal favorite. I cleaned and scraped the windshield before starting out, but after a couple of blocks, I had to pull over and scrape the ice off of the window again.
When I got out of the car, everything was coated with a thin film of black ice. I sat in the car and waited for the car to warm up and the defroster to do its job, then went on.
I was very cautious applying the gas and brake, as the ends of the car seemed to want to go any direction but straight. I have to admit that 1 280Z with street tires is probably not the best choice on the ice.
But I made it to work without making the acquaintance of the ditch or anything else, so a successful venture. By tonight it is expected to return to normal, normal being rain.
We like rain. Rain we understand. We embrace rain.
On a side note, overtime this weekend. Some additional money right at Christmas is always welcome. Hopefully it will be relatively quiet, but not completely boring.
Since my daughter is being totally unresponsive to DSHS, has not enrolled in a drug rehab program, is not being forthcoming, making no progress, there is a hearing today to see about seeking a more permanent solution to her two kids custody. My grand daughter wants to keep them both, but she and her husband have been at war with DSHS ever since the kids were placed with them. Let's just say that my low opinion of DSHS has not improved any. The State of Washington is fourth WORST in the entire United States in providing legal representation for kids in Court during Custody Proceedings, a shameful statistic. No one represents the best interests of the children.
Hows that saying go about accepting the things you can't change?
Patience my ass, I want to kill something.