Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A Little Too Much Excitement

The weather forecast was for rain, which was fine with me. I am a Northwest Native. I have webbed feet and moss on my North side.
But the weather forecast was rain, and I by God was ready for rain. So it snowed.
I had a doctors appointment this morning at the Pain Clinic, mainly to refill my prescription for Percocet, and to check on me status. If it wasn't already made, I probably would have stayed in.
But because of the snow, Mrs A decided to skip her swim session at the Y and I got to take the good car. The HHR is front wheel drive and does great in the snow, so I was relieved. The nice thing about front wheel drive is that the drive of the wheels is always in the direction you want to go. So if you are not stupid, you cn generally get where you want to go.
The road weren't great, but they weren't bad. The one shade corner where Happy Valley Road turns to the North is always shady, and it was a little slippery, but not bad.
I went to the doctor's and was headed to Walgreen's when a guy o a motorcycle two cars if front of me abruptly pulled over to the side of the road, got off his bike and fell flat on his face.
The car in front of me and I pulled over and we got out to make sure the guy was OK. So did a car heading in the other direction on 5th. A call was made to 911
The guy was having a seizure. Looked like a grand mal to me, but that something for the doctors to figure out..
So we turned him on his back, and held him down from thrashing around so he didn't hurt himself. I made sure his airway was clear. We talked to him and reassured him that everything was going to be OK, that we had called for help.
A nice lady in the car behind me volunteered a blanket. Lady, whoever you are, thanks.
I hung around until the ambulance showed up, and got back in my asr.
Mrs a had suggested that I get her ice cream since she was stuck at home, so I stopped at QFC to pick her up Halo Oatmeal cookie ice cream.
When I went to get the money out of my wallet, my hands were shaking noticeably. I explained why I was so shaky, and left to go home
The roads weren't so great coming home, and I spun a little a couple of times.
I got home safe and sound, but shaky.
After I told Mrs A about my trip, I realized that I had never stopped at Walgreen's to fill my prescription. Mrs A suggested a shot of fine Irish Whiskey was the prescription she suggested, and  good swig of Tullamore Dew was the recommended dose.
Worked quite well.
But I don't think I will be going back out today.

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